Meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of every month. Officers meet at 7pm and members at 8pm with complimentary refreshments provided. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, August 12, 2019.

CALLING ALL VETERANS: Go to the Moose International website: to identify yourself as a "valued veteran" if you have served in any branch of our country's military.

In April the Lodge had its annual election for Officers. This year we installed two new members to serve on the Board: Chuck Hughes is the 1st Year Trustee, and Mike Baldwin was appointed by the Governor, Louis Gabriele, to serve as Sergeant-at-Arms. The rest of the Board of Officers consists of Richard Burrola (Jr. Governor), Jack Wunderlich (Treasurer), Don Thompson (Administrator), Richard Acosta (Prelate), Gerry Collins (2nd Year Trustee), and Darren Azarian (3rd Year Trustee).

We have been receiving listings on various properties for purchase around Glendale, Altadena, Pasadena and Eagle Rock, but none have been suitable to build on. The properties have been large enough but they are on hill sites and would require considerable excavation in order to level and build. We are actively still looking.

We sponsored two baseball teams in the Crescenta Valley area. It was very rewarding to see these young kids learning about teamwork and playing the game. Some of the Glendale Moose Officers attended the games and mingled with the parents who were there to see their children play. We handed out literature on what the Moose fraternity is all about, as well as handing out ballpoint pens that noted the Glendale Moose Lodge. Some of the parents were very curious and asked what the Moose fraternity does and thanked us for being sponsors of their children’s team.

Some of our new Officers received their Officer training in order to participate as Officers of our Lodge. Chris Maher, our Territory Manager, provided the Officer training course.

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The excessive rain we have had this year, among other things, will breed an abundance of pesky creatures this summer. For our older members, be more mindful of the area around your houses.

Be sure and use a higher number of sunscreen and cover your head while out in direct sunlight. Sunglasses are a must! Drink plenty of fluids (water) and don't overdo your exposure to sunlight while walking or exercising.

It's important also to have dead leaves and grass cleared around your property and not to have any standing water for critters to breed in. Many of you probably do your own gardening but for those of you that don't, instruct your gardeners of your wishes.

Have a happy and safe summer.


Don Thompson Administrator


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From the Jr. Governor:

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On Friday, March 1st, the Crescenta Sports Association held their Opening Ceremony for the 2019 season at Montrose Park. The Lodge is the proud sponsor of the "Moose Lodge 641" team. Check the calendar on the Events page for the game schedules.