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Thirdly, support our local communities. There are many ways to do this. Our Lodge has provided complimentary breakfasts to our local Firefighters and their families. We have donated “Tommy Moose” dolls to the fire and police stations in the Glendale and Montrose communities. We are members of our local Chamber of Commerce. Presently, we have sponsored two baseball teams. The kids look pretty good wearing their baseball uniforms with their jersey tops reflecting the Moose logo and the inscription “Glendale Moose #641” around the Moose Logo. Some of the kid’s parents have thanked us for sponsoring their children’s team. “Go Moose.”

Fourth, promote the growth of our membership in our Lodge. We believe that by getting more involved in our community, we can perhaps attract some individuals to become Moose members of the Glendale Moose Lodge. We are an organization which is one notch higher than all the rest.

God Bless Mooseheart, Moosehaven and all the members of the Glendale Moose Lodge #641.

Richard Burrola, Junior Governor