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He had enabled the Moose fraternity to finance the purchase and construction of his “City of Children.” On July 27, 1913, the vision became a reality when Mooseheart, “The Child City” was dedicated.

Today, Mooseheart our Child City sits on a 1,000 acre campus, located 40 miles west of Chicago, IL. It is comprised of many buildings which serve as housing and recreation. Outdoors we have fields for sports such as baseball, football, soccer, track and a gym for basketball, and needless to say, a Chapel. We also have professional and certified personnel who serve the needs of the kids such as coaches for our sports teams, medical professionals, teachers, and live-in housing volunteers 24/7. The Mooseheart 1,000 acre campus is safe and secure and meticulously cleaned and maintained. The average population of our students is usually between 400-600 kids. One may ask “what does it cost for our Moose fraternity to support Mooseheart?” Would you believe 4 ½ million dollars annually.

“Where does the money come from to support Mooseheart?” one may ask. After all, $4.5 million is a big hunk of greenbacks to raise on an annual basis. Well, the endowment that our members contribute whenever they attend Lodge meetings and Lodge events is one source, personal donations are another source, and members renewing their annual membership is another source. Actually, membership renewal is the single largest source of funds.

So Glendale Moose members, whenever your membership comes up for renewal, please don’t hesitate to renew. Approximately 80% of your renewal dues go directly to Mooseheart and Moosehaven. We must keep Mooseheart and Moosehaven open, alive and well.

Some members feel that since they don’t attend Lodge events anymore for whatever reasons they may have, they don’t need to renew their membership. Please don’t think that way. When you renew your annual membership you are really helping to keep Mooseheart and Moosehaven open—to those kids and seniors you are a valued Glendale Moose member. God bless you.

Richard Burrola, Junior Governor