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Webb, Sr. The memorial services and luncheons were attended by family members, friends, and of course, Glendale Lodge Moose members.

Well, here we are in November of 2018—so what next? The wish of our members at our last special meeting was to rent or lease a building to serve as our Lodge for a minimum of three years. The reason given was prior to using the Lodge funds towards purchasing property or a building, let’s lease and see if our membership grows. This made sense. After three and a half years of leasing, our membership took a nose dive. We lost many members. The time has come for us to purchase property/building to call our own.

We presently have a couple of realtors searching for some property where we can have a building constructed with ample facilities for parking or a building suitable to be our new Glendale Moose Lodge. Our members and future members deserve a Lodge where they can come and enjoy the many activities and social events planned for them. A Lodge to be proud of.

We thank all of our present members who have been so loyal. You have remained loyal members of Glendale Moose #641. We appreciate your hanging in there with us during these past three and a half years. We will keep you informed of any progress on this issue. We promise, you will not be disappointed. God bless you all.

Richard Burrola, Junior Governor